Lock Down Some Peace of mind

Nations Lending will guarantee your rate for the next 5 years! Our Five Year Rate Guarantee allows homeowners to save money on their mortgage today and take advantage of lower rates, should they come about, for five years following the closing of their loan. That’s right; if rates dip even lower at any point in the five years following your loan closing, you’ll be able to refinance at that lower rate and pay no lender origination fees or appraisal fees. There’s no better deal in the mortgage business.


Home loan rates vary based on the length of loan term. Homeowners who are looking to refinance or buy new homes might be surprised to learn that the amount they pay monthly with a 30-year mortgage might be similar to the amount they pay with a 20 or 25-year loan because the interest rates are typically lower on loans with terms of less than 30 years. Knocking years off your mortgage payment will save you tens of thousands of dollars.


Choosing to refinance your home can revitalize your financial situation. If you find yourself bogged down with credit card debt, you might be able to pay it off and improve your credit score at the same time by using your mortgage as an investment tool.


Do you have enough cash in reserve to cover your family in the event of a financial emergency? You need six months of living expenses –minimum- to ensure that your life is not adversely affected in the event of a loss of income.


It takes a lot of money to save for retirement. How are you saving up? Your home’s equity is a great way to save for your future so that you can finally sit back and enjoy yourself without financial worry once you reach retirement age.